My walk on a beach in Porto, Portugal

Hi, kittens! So, finally I am starting to do my own pictures for you and talk about my walkings, interesting places that I love to visit. Today I will share the pics from my walking to the beach in Porto, Portugal. If you remember, I live in Porto (though I am russian ;). Now here is the hot weather and a lot of peoples are visiting beaches. So, I visited too ;)

Hoje, eu comecei a compartilhar com vocês as minhas fotos dos meus passeios. Hoje, quero compartilhar as fotos da praia do Porto, Portugal. A praia é na Madalena.

Today I was on the beach in the little town Madalena, that is the part of the district Vila Nova de Gaia of Porto-city.

A praia do Porto, Portugal

Today was a hot day, and it was a week-end, so there were a lot of people, and all the coast was full of tents and umbrellas.

For people, who is just walking the cafe is working. You can drink a juice or eat an ice-cream. I ate 2 :D

Ocean had a cold water, but in the hot weather people doesn't care about it :D

I tried to take a pic of an algae, that the surf brought, but my photographer's skill is not so good still ;)

So, kittens, now I am learning to work with my new cam, for taking beautiful pics and show you, my sweet, the most beautiful places of Portugal=)

Take care of you! Love&kisses! =* Meaow :3