Encouraging and Inspiring. Foxy Riders

I follow a lot of riders communities (mostly those are of brands or biker magazines). Sometimes I was wondering, how many bloggers-bikers are there? And how many girls-bikers run blogs? (BTW, give me links if you know some!)

When I've met in Facebook Marina Oliveira, one of the founders of Foxy Riders, I thought, OMG, that girl could make a perfect blog about her biker lifestyle! And I bet she will get lots of followers (myself included!).

Encouraging and Inspiring. Foxy Riders


Foxy Riders

And you know what? Just a bit time passed since I thought about that, as Marina and her three friends and colleagues (Maria DuartePatrícia BasílioAna Efe) had launched their cool blogger project, I've mentioned above, Foxy Riders.

I believe that is the first such blog in Portugal (correct me if I am wrong), and the fact of the very existence of that moto-related blog project gives me warm feelings.

Foxy Riders

I like to see that the epoch of female drivers and riders shaming is passing. I enjoy watching how such empowering women projects rise, giving us all that so needed courage to believe in ourselves, so we can follow our dreams even if they are too "masculine" (according to some society stereotypes).

Each of the girls has an own life story, which they share on their blog. They are all interesting, but never "simple". Girls are real moto-zealots, and one can see that in the way they talk about motorcycles.

They are strong and independent, with a great experience of work for moto-brands. They are lovely and friendly, having "a room" in their hearts for each of their loved ones and friends. They inspire. They encourage.

"Life is a ride, make it a beautiful one..."

Foxy Riders

You know what, I am happy to follow and read Foxy Riders blog, tho it is in Portuguese (BTW it also helps me to better my language :D)!

Also, I was glad to introduce them to you, guys, just as a reminder to follow your dreams not matter what!

Follow these wonderful girls on Facebook and Instagram.

P.S. All photos are taken from Foxy Riders Official Facebook Page.