Evgeniia Targaryen or My PS Art

You know my full name is Evgeniia. And that sounds pretty much like some of Targaryen female names. And since I am blonde (dyeing hair in the almost-white-color). I thought that would be cool to transform my photo into some Targaryen family member's portrait. That is my first attempt of such complicated transformations.


Evgeniia Targaryen or My PS Art

Eva Tornado - Evgeniia Targaryen with a dragon

I also want to share with you some more portraits of mine transformed in PhotoShop. You know that my cyberspacefuture.com blog is full of sci-fi digital art. I understood that I want to create art pieces, too. So, nowadays one of my biggest hobbies is PhotoShop transformation of human photos to alien portraits.

Eva Tornado - Alien Make Up

I make a lot different arts, which you can check in CSF-blog. Some of them are posted in my Instagram. Here I post only my own portraits :3

Eva Tornado - Alien with Gills

That is one of my works posted in Instagram ♥ Hope, you like it!