Blog: My sunday's walking

Hi, my beautiful kittens! I am so glad to share with you not only my beauty-explorations, but my life too. I spend the most of my time searching the interesting beauty-information for you, making beauty-experiments, but sometimes I just go out for taking a pics, to drink coffee, to spend my time with friends. Today I was walking with my cam and I was shooting all around me for showing how I live and the places that I like to visit.

The first of all is my house. We live on the first floor, our old men (Sinhores) live on the second. =)

Hoje, vou mostrar-vos os meus fotos da minha caminhada no Domingo=) Fique comigo! Amo e beijo!=*

A minha casa=) A casa de Eva Tornado ^^. =)

These two dogs are living in a neighbourhood. Almost each house in Portugal has a dog. And every night I listen their barking =)

Estes dois cães estão vivendo no bairro

This is the one of my fave street that I like to walk through. All the gardens of houses are full of flowers, trees, palms... It's wonderful!

Este é minha rua favorita de que eu gosto de caminhar.

Portugal is the southern country, and they don't have snow or cold weather, so there are opened cars are very popular here. Sometimes you can meet so amazing exemplars =) If you will pay atention, you will see flagpole with a flag of Portugal. Portugueses are very patriotic people and they use flags and another state symbols everywhere: in houses, in cars etc.

Pequeno carro azul na Senhora Da Hora

Continuing of transport topics - motorcycles, bikes and ATVs are also quite popular in Portugal. While walking, I was overtaken by this driver =)

ATV amarelo na Senhora da Hora

Aaaaaand, yes! Cats, or, how we call them in Russia - kote, are so loved by me (and also by all Portugal) creations. I've already written they live everywhere forming prides (like lions). I and my husband call em "cat's mafia" :D All district is called Matosinhos, but I call it Gatosinhos ("Gato" is "cat" in Portugues). There are a lot of cats here! When I was walking I shooted two. The "peachy's" pic is not so good, because I had no time to change the shutter speed until he has ran :D

Os gatos na Gatosinhos (Matosinhos) :D

But the Siamese is just a feast for the eyes! ^ ^ My favorite joke about me (I am the main Kote (cat) in the house: D) and about Siamese cats - "I am not Siamese, I just love chocolate very much." Who knows me will understand. When I eat something chocolate, usually all my face is in chocolate :D Well, about this kote (cat). Near - do you see? - is a drinking bowl from a bottle. Also the gift from the locals. In the heat usually cats can drink nowhere. There, below is a feeder. Every morning the compassionate people arranges the pilgrimage to feed the cats. :D

And, of course, the pic of me! ^^

Eva Tornado send a kiss

Tell me, how do you spend your summertime? Diga-me, como vocês gastam o verão?

Take care of you! Love&kiss;=* Meow :3