Summer beach dress. DIY

Hello, kittens! Beach season is in full swing, and I thought it would be nice to share with you a little idea that I am thinking about in the last time. I decided to create a summer beach dress myself! Yes, despite the wide choice (in Portugal, the country of beaches, a wide choice of clothing and accessories for the beach, what would became like a cult, and they created a whole branch of industry for this) of dresses, tunics and sundresses for the beach, I set about trying to make the summer beach dress myself. Just because I want to be original ;)

Como criar um vestido de verão para a praia. Um tutorial DIY.

Of the many ideas that I saw in internet (from the complex patterns till simple "wrap&go"), I choosed the version without any sewing. I want something simple and tasteful. As usual, (I say "as usual" because I've seen a lot of tutorials) the latin american bloggers have the succes in the diy-clothes' tutorials. One of the girls (her name is Andrea, she is from Costa Rica, and the name of her blog Desde El Tropico) has created an interesting tutorial how to create the summer beach dress by own hands without the needles and thread. The catch is you need to have one small device that will play the role in the tying. It's hard to find this device, but you can do it yourself, cuting out a small piece of any shape from a dense material (wood, plastic, or even from thick cardboard) and cut out two holes in it enough large diameter so that you could push the ends of the "future dress" through them . Or you can find two ready-made rings and fasten them together.

And then everything is simple: take a large piece of fabric, or pareo, or a beautiful delicate veil, or large chiffon scarf, and with the help of prepared device make your own unique summer beach dress ;) I really enjoyed this tutorial and I will use it for sure, the benefit that the beach weather has finally come to Portugal!

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meaow :3