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Russian beauty recipes. Hair mask with honey

Hello, kittens! Well, it’s a next week and I wish you all to spend it interesting =) I’ll start this week with the publication of an useful recipe of a hair mask with honey. We all know that honey is rich with vitamins and beneficial trace elements that nourish the hair and are able to improve their appearance after a single application of a mask. Plus, honey has a dignity lighten hair alittle bit. According to reviews it lightens not all hairs, but from personal experience I would say that after the honey lightening, my hair really looks lighter. Though not so much, but still.

Hoje, vou compartilhar a receita da máscara de mel, que ajuda cabelo olhar-se mais saudável, forte e brilhante. Esta máscara faz o cabelo mais claro.

a receita russa da máscara de mel

My top 5 make-up of this week

Hi, my lovely kittens! How is your weekend? =) I did today a mani with a gradient of purple color, which was done not very well, so I decided “to train” to make various interesting mani, to share them with you =) Not so simple, as I understood=)) Well, today I have for the third time the traditional “hit-parade” of makeups. So in this post I have most of all an unusual makeup. The first of these is a stunning theatrical or fancy makeup. I can’t even compare it with anything, so I will be glad to see your comments, how to call this lovely image in shades of black (which doesn’t make it dark!)?

Ola, gatinhas! =* Hoje, vou compartilhar com voces as minhas maquiagem favoritas. Top-5 das minhas makeup favoritas. A primeira maquiagem é muito dramatica. Ela é feita em sombras pretas.

maquiagem em sombras pretas

Russian recipes. How to make a face mask with oatmeal

Hello, my beautiful kittens! Here and now, finally, the weekend, and we can waste more time not only for relaxing, but for our beauty =) Many of the beauty procedures (such as masks, peels, or the use of scrubs) are good to use them once a week. That’s why the weekend is the best time. So, today I will share the recipe of the mask that is very popular among russian beauties. I will share it, because I tried out on myself and I will tell you about the effect that I had reached. So, let’s begin to study how to make a face mask with oatmeal.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje vou compartilhar com vocês uma receita das meninas russas e vou escrever como fazer a máscara de aveia. Vamos passar este fim de semana cuidar da nossa beleza! Fique comigo! ;)

Receitas russas. Como fazer a máscara de aveia

Lip balm. Handmade experiment

Hi, kittens! I’ve got an idea to make a lip balm a lot of time ago. But just now I decided to realize this idea. So, today I did my own lip balm (handmade lip balm was the first my experience). Of course, I took pics to show you how to make handmade lip balm in home=)

Hoje vou escrever como fazer bálsamo labial natural em casa. Fique comigo e lê a receita e o tutorial. Fique comigo! ;)

Eva Tornado: como fazer o bálsamo labial natural em casa

Homemade Nourishing Face Mask with yolk

Hello, beautiful kittens! Today I am sharing with you the recipe of the Homemade Nourishing Face Mask with yolk, based on a egg yolk and vegetable oils. The yolk is a huge supply of concentrated vitamins and nutrients that will provide nourishing effect to a dry, lifeless skin, and even after only one application the skin will retrieve own fresh look. And if you will make such a homemade mask regularly - after a while you just will not recognize yourself in the mirror;)

Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco a receita da máscara facial natural para nutrir a pele.
A máscara é realizada com a gema e o óleo vegetal.
Fique comigo e lê esta receita e a sua aplicação, gatinhas ;)

a receita da máscara facial natural para nutrir a pele

My experiment. Glitter nail-art design

Hello, kittens =) Today I looked at my collection of nail polishes, I thought there are too much nail polishes here and I just have to do something. And my soul longed to do one simple, but nice-nail art. And, of course, in lollipop’s colors and with a glitter. Glitter nail-art design is, of course, very girlish, but I thought, “Eva, it’s too early you add yourself in the old women’s list!” and I decided to use my lovely glitter.

Hoje, eu escrevo sobre como fazer nail arts com o glitter. Fique comigo e lê o meu tutorial;)

Hair treatment. Banana honey hair mask

Hello, my beauties! ;) How’s your weekend? I hope you will find the time for home beauty treatments ;) If you have no idea how to please your hair this weekend, then I advise you to make a banana honey hair mask. It is absolutely the best for all hair types, but most of all it will be useful for those whose hair is damaged by drying, coloring, or by the impact of the summer sun and a sea water.

Se vocês não têm uma idéia de como agradar o seu cabelo neste fim de semana, então eu aconselho uma mascara de tratamento para cabelos com uma banana e mel. É absolutamente a melhor escolha para todos os tipos de cabelo, mas acima de tudo, será útil para aqueles cujo cabelo está danificado por secagem, coloração, ou pelo impacto do sol de verão e a água do mar.

Tonic for skin. Homemade remedy for acne scars

Hi, my fave kittens! Yesterday my day was full of adventures - I was in mountains. I will prepare for you the post with beautiful pics. But today I am so tired, so I will not write very long posts, I will just share with you one little, but very useful recipe. Tonic for skin with an apple cider vinegar. This homemade remedy for acne scars is very simple, but in the same time is very effective.

Hoje, o meu post é sobre o tônico para pele. Remédio caseiro para cicatrizes de acne. Isto remédio é muito eficaz e opera nas profundezas da pele. Espero a receira vai ajudar-vos. Fique comigo ;) Amo e beijo=**

My top 5 make-up of this week

Hi, kittens! I write about make-up very seldom, because I prefer a natural cosmetic, and I do make-up not so often and just for a little time. But anyway - I love make-up! I even collect the most beautiful (on my opinion) make-up’s pictures in my albums in social networks. Today the esthete rebelled in me and required me to make a post about make-up, that I liked most in this week. I plan to do this kind of post every week. So, My top 5 make-up of this week ;)

Hoje, vou compartilhar com voces as minhas maquiagem favoritas - top maquiagens. Top-5 dos meus make-up favoritos. Os fotos e os meus comentarios. Fique comigo! ^^ Amo e beijo.

Sugaring hair removal recipe. Let’s fight with hairs ;)

Hello, my lovely kittens! Today I decided to experiment - to make a home sugaring hair removal. Recipe I was looking for a long time, because the ways of making this sweet remedy for a hair removal is a lot in the internet. Sometimes they are so different that I think: which one is correct? Sugaring requires some precision in the proportions and ingredients, as well as in the method of preparation - undercooked, overcooked - and you can put in garbage all of the mixture.

Tudo para depilação. Hoje, o meu post é sobre a depilação com a açúcar.
Vou escrever sobre como depilar os cabelos dos pés e vou compartilhar
as tres receitas de SUGARING depilação.

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