Design your nails - nail art tutorial for beginners. 3 video

Hi, kittens! In my post, I will share with you tutorials of the nail art tutorials for beginners. Hopefully, you will like them and they will inspire you to create small masterpieces of the nail art;) Design your nails - nail art tutorials wil help you to do it easy and fast ;)

Design your nails - nail art tutorial for beginners.

Rainbow nail art. All you need - a few polishes of different colors and a simple sewing needle to make beautiful stains.

Acid Leopard Nail Art. This nail art executed in the gradient technique and polishes are applied with a sponge. You can use paint leopard spots with a fine brush or a nail art pen.

Colorful stripes. This nail art is done using strips of duct tape. First, you apply all the polishes in a chaotic manner on the nail, and then, after drying, apply a strip of different forms (depending on your imagination), and apply the black (or any contrasting) polish over it. Until it is completely dry, remove the strips of tape.

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