How to: Get rid of freckles

Freckles on the face is a mark of the youth, they give to the owners bright look and make the image memorable. However, the owners of the sun's kisses are not always agree to be vivid and provocative. Today I want to talk a bit about what are the sun's kisses on the skin, and how to get rid of freckles.

So, those who have been struggling with this cosmetic problem (the freckles, fortunately, is the problem really just aesthetic) know that the freckles is the cluster of the pigment melanin under the skin, caused by external or internal (including genetic) factors. As a rule, freckles appear in childhood and disappear after 30 years. The causes of the appearance of freckles are always different, and sometimes it's simply to get rid of the cause and the problem will disappears.

How to get rid of freckles

Freckles can be a gift from your ancestors, and may be because of the stress, the intense emotional context, the active adrenal hormones production or the use of some antibiotics. If your mother-father-grandfather-grandmother didn't have the freckles, and you found them on your skin suddenly, you have to go to a dermatologist and get to know the reason, if you can't define it yourself.

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About how to fight the freckles away. Typically, there are two ways: the protection (use the sunscreens and a cosmetic with SPF-filters), and getting rid of the freckles after they appeared. The fight can begin from the inside, if you slightly change your diet, namely, start taking vitamins PP (nicotinic acid) and C reinforced. PP reduces skin sensitivity to sunlight, and C reduces melanin production. Also, little secret is the use of liquorice (licorice) in food. Substances contained in this sweet plant, reduce the production of melanin, so I would advise to use it (you can buy the syrup of a licorice root, that as a rule is used for cough in the pharmacy) as well to girls who seek protection for the skin from the sun.

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All this, of course, take some time. And if you look for the way to get rid of freckles fast you have to go to the cosmetologist, who offers you options of procedures that will help you to get rid of freckles over a short period of time. It can be special injections of blockers of melanin (the superficial injection), a banal chemical peel (cheap and cheerful), or you can take an advantage of the photo-laser's therapy. It is quickly and doesn't hurt your skin. The light beams with specially selected length is destroying protein melanin. Melanin is dying, and within a few days you can quietly peel it out along with dead skin cells. Nowadays it's the safest, fastest and the most qualitative method.

The way to get rid of freckles

Among the natural remedies, I will note the bleaching properties of citrus fruits: use lemon and grapefruit juices as a tonic; of some summer berries (strawberries, raspberries, currants), I recommend to make a mask with them (I'd already wrote about the whitening of the skin, you can use a recipe of strawberry mask). Also the well bleaching dairy products are the biological yogurts. Please note that all products that provide the skin's lightening contain acids in varying concentrations (citric, lactic and fruit acids of various kinds) so be careful with sensitive skin. Separately, I do recommend the honey mask: honey is also a good bleaching agent, but it acts differently than acid.

I hope my tips will help you become even more beautiful! ;) Take care of your beauty! I send kisses to all! Meaow=*