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33 Hottest Marble Nails Ideas
As a long term user of Pinterest, I've learned to detect the hottest beauty and fashion trends just watching which of pinned pictures gain the biggest number of likes. I am a st...
Eva Tornado for Mosher Clothing

If you know me well and you read my blog for a while, you probably already know I am a huge fan of metal music. Hell, yeah! When I lived in Russia I was working in the undergrou...

12,5 Best Shades of Rose for Hair

One of my fave hair shadows is pink (or rose, if you wish). I even had one nice blossoming pink hair color once I was a teen. Now I stick to blonde shades, but sometimes I feel...

Soft Serve line is announced by MAC

Guess what? Seems like I will have more pastel shaded and candy coloured makeup goodies in my makeup bag! ♥ Makeup gigant MAC have just announced their new line! &n...

Braided Hairstyles that Make Men Fall in Love

How often do you braid your hair? As a self-made "Rapunzel", I use such hair styling to take care of my hair during nighttime, since the longer hair is the easier it gets tangled....

Best lace up shoes for this summer

One of my favorite shoe decors is lacing. I am a huge fan of gladiator flats just because of little gorgeous lace. I love how stripes entwine graceful ankles and feet, making your...

Sunny Days in Figueira da Foz

As you know, I was out of my blog for a while, because it was time to make some re-design. For the new blog's design, we decided to use photos of me. So when it came to choosing...

When It's Time to Change

I did it! I finally dyed my hair in almost-platinum-white! :D It has been a long trip for me to get the hair of my dream!

20+ Best Natural Makeup Looks

Recent months I used to "wear" natural makeup looks, but using bright lipstick to make my image rock. The best part of such looks is their abilities to transform. I can use a nu...

My Hair After Using Schwarzkopf Keratin Color 8.1

It was always hard for me to find good blonde shades here in Portugal. Schwarzkopf specialists advised me to use Keratin Color to try to make my hair shade better. I also promised...

Best Dior Makeup Looks Ever

Dior always collaborate with the best makeup artists (such as Path McGrath) which create memorable looks for fashion shows and Makeup Collections campaigns. They impact us so much...

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