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The "Travel" rubric, of course, is completely devoted to travel. I share here with you not only personal experiences and photos from my trips, but also interesting ideas which countries and cities worth visiting, and which I would like to visit myself.
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Creative Travel Picture Ideas to Try

I have a lot of dreams which yet to come true. One of them is to change my lifestyle the way I can always be able to travel. I hope, my blog will help me to realize this one ♥...

Places to visit: Ireland

Among all the places to visit Ireland takes a special places for me. Like a cradle of the european civilization, with the big history of celtic tribes, with the deep traditions of...

Places to visit. England

Hi there, my pretty kittens! ^ ^ I decided to share my dreams about my beloved England with you. Since childhood I love English language, which I have started to learn in a kinderg...

Places to visit. Spain

Spain is Ibiza for somebody, or is the FC "Barcelona" or FC "Real", the cheap real estate or a delicious Mediterranean cuisine. I live in Portugal, and for me Spain is my beloved ....

Places to visit. Sweden

The one is my fave nordic countries is Sweden. Like for many people for me Stockholm is associated with roofs where Carlson lives, and also with the characters and events of the bo...

Places to visit. France

For lovers of fashion and beauty France is associated with Paris. For connoisseurs of cinema with Cannes. For gourmets France is Provence. For connoisseurs of the noble drinks it's...

IV Feira Da Protecçao Сivil

Traditionally, there are in Matosinhos, Porto (where I live) they conducted an interesting festival for children and adults. Its name is IV Feira Da Protecçao Sivil that roughly tr...

7 places for visit in Europe that you must visit

Every city in Europe (and in all the world) has its own "brand", which has already become familiar from souveniers: magnets, postcards and photographs of travelers. I will write ab...

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