Places to visit. England

Hi there, my pretty kittens! ^ ^ I decided to share my dreams about my beloved England with you. Since childhood I love English language, which I have started to learn in a kindergarten. I read a lot about the history, architecture and nature of England. From all countries of the United Kingdom I love it most. And I don't associate England with London, for me england is the lands with beautiful nature, unique medieval architecture with a touch of the culture of the ancient angles and celts. Fans of Sherlock Holmes usually try to visit his apartment on Baker Street, and I dream to visit the places of actions of some of my fave stories: Devonshire ("The Hound of the Baskervilles"), Cornwall ("The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot") and others. Probably only the small provincial towns have preserved the atmosphere of IXX-XX centuries, which I dream to feel...

Tower Bridge at Night, London, England

Yorkshire, England

Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, County, England

Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, England

Sunrise over frosty farmland, Norfolk, England

Stonehenge dawn, Wiltshire, England

Spring Garden, England

Scotney Castle, Kent, England

Pitstone Windmill bucks, England

Northumberland, England

Mupe bay, England

Lindisfarne Priory, England

Lake district, Langdale Valley

Gold Hill Cottages, Shaftesbury, England

Godrevy Lighthouse St. Ives Bay, Cornwall,England

Cotswold Hills, Hawkesbury, England

Bamburgh Castle, England

Airport Heathrow, London, England

Love this amazing life and explore the world! Love&kiss! Meaow=*