20+ Awesome Black Lip Makeup Looks Ideas

Black lip makeup all of a sudden from a metalheads' feature evolved to a "must have look" for many celebrities. Of course, bloggers and digital influencers followed that trend immediately!

I am the one, who (being as a metalhead, as a blogger, as a digital influencer) hasn't tried that trend yet.

Why? I don't even know! But I can't stop enjoying black lip makeup looks, such as this one, made by my favorite Portuguese alternative model and digital influencer Beatriz Mariano (follow her on Instagram for more cool alternative looks!)



Seems to be, black lip makeup should be put in my "must do and share on IG" list. As well as two braided updos. As well as cut crease makeup.

Well, I've decided to get inspired and created that set for my blog. I will watch that and enjoy.

Of course, I invite you to try that and share with me, too.

20+ Awesome Black Lip Makeup Looks Ideas

Have you ever tried to wear a black lipstick? What is your fave product's brand?