5 Beautiful Ways to Mix Print on Print

Hello my beautiful ladies! I feel a bit guilty that I almost have abandoned my English blog. I have so much new projects in my Russian blog that I barely find time for something else. I will try to find the time and make usefull posts for you ♥ Today my post is about ways to mix prints and I will share with you 5 tips how to mix print on print, creating a chic outfit!

5 Beautiful Ways to Mix Print on Print

First of all, to mix print perfectly, you should find the prints that have something that unites them to make them look related. Find the start point for your look, and this will ease your decision-making.

Work with one color

The one of simpliest ways is if you choose one piece with (e.g.) a print in red color, and pick another printed article of clothing that has the same or related shade of the red color. In this case the color will unite these prints and you will create harmonious outfit!

Use prints of one style

If you can't use the same color you can experiment within the one style. For example, you can use two different prints in ethnic style in one outfit. They can even have different colors, ethnic motives will unite these prints.

    Use leopard print's classic

    If you really are not ready for a bold experiment, you can start with a leopard print, which is already classic nowadays. Choose one piece of clothing with classic leopard print, and other with e.g. polka dot print. Pay attention that sizes of the details of both prints were different.

    Try different sizes

    If continue talk about sizes, I can advice you to start your printy experiments with patterns in different sizes. E.g., if you pick a shirt with a huge floral print, you should choose a skirt with small floral pattern (small polka dot pattern, small leopard pattern etc). It's better to pick print in the other size, because using small patterns can create a very heavy look. However, you can not stop yourself using two large patterns in one outfit.That can look chic, too!

    Start with details

    If you still feel insecure to use two big printed pieces of clothing, you can start with details. E.g., one of the best way can be using printed ballet flats and a printed bag. Try to put in your fave cheetah loafers and pick up a bag with floral print. Pay attention on "start point". Let the prints have related color!