Alexandra Kazakova Fashion Show at Moscow Fashion Week

Continuing the theme of runways of the Moscow Fashion Week, today I'm posting photos and a brief review of the collection of the russian brand Alexandra Kazakova SS 2014. I like this young designer, who, thanks to her talent and bright world view creates a very interesting and colorful collections.

Alexandra Kazakova Fashion Show at Moscow Fashion Week

On the show women's and men's clothing was demonstrated at the same time, however, due to the equal leitmotif, the collection came out very perfect, as if it's made ​​in a single burst.

The protagonist of the collection is the plaid print. Usually designers like to use this print in their fall collections, but this drawing was successfully entered into the summer collection of Alexandra Kazakova. Moreover, the designer has used different variations of this print, including "chess" plaid variations, as well as small "male" plaid print. The entire collection is made in popular colors for spring/summer 2014 - white and blue. This is good news because these colors are versatile and can safely fit to any type of complexion. In general, the collection reminded me 70s outfits, when conservative rigor of past decades have already faced with the modernist desire to stand out and enhance the beauty of your own body. Minimalist simplicity of lines here is side by side with translucent fabrics, trendy short silhouettes, contrasting colors and vibrant painted patterns - this all so attracts attention! Of course, the collection is not without so much-loved by designer "maxi" silhouettes. I like the "ether" skirts and dresses made ​​of silky and translucent fabrics.

I loved the collection because of its "tranquility", deliberation. The blue color soothes at all, but also in the hot summer it will "refresh" the eye. I suggest you to take a look at the photos in the collection.

Alexandra Kazakova SS 2014

Did you like the collection? What a look do you like more?