Alexandra Serova Fashion Show at Moscow Fashion Week

Finally, finally I have received a photo-report from the fashion show of the one of my favorite Russian designers Alexandra Serova! I am pleased to share with you these pictures and, of course, my opinion about the designer's spring-summer collection.

Alexandra Serova SS 2014 at Moscow Fashion Week

Let me start by saying that I am delighted with the collection! I do not get tired to admire stunning , just fabulous dresses created by hands of Alexandra Serova! Each of these dresses is simply a masterpiece. How much work and heart is put into every detail, embroidery, decoration ... So much fine work, it seems that some magic wand was definetely used! =)) Well, I never cease to compare Alexandra with a fairy that creates incredible luxury outfits in which any girl may feel like a queen ♥ Let's take a look at the photos of this gorgeous collection!

If to speak to the point, the collection meets most of the fashion trends of the season. First of all are colors. Classic black and unchangeable white color, which doesn't go out of the summer collections of designers from around the world. And, of course, what a summer collection without bright colors - juicy vibrant shades of blue, deep purple , fuchsia with a light touch of metal, the next fashion trend that continues its proud procession down the runways. In Alexandra's collection can be found models with different silhouettes - ethereal, voluminous dresses and mermaid silhouettes with feminine curves, and such popular skirts in the styles new-look, tulip and pencil. And the cuts and cut-outs - all are designed to demonstrate the beauty of female feet. Among materials I note not only super-hit lace (any modern collection of evening dresses just can't exist without lace!), but also the texture silk materials, semi-transparent chiffon, fur and feathers (also quite actual in recent seasons ). Separately, I note knitted and woolen items (because Mother Russia does not always please us with warm in the spring), decorations with embroidery, beads and sequins.

Of course, I may be biased - yet Alexandra is one of my favorite designers and I always look forward to see the miracle in her new collections. And for me, each time it happens! Each of the dresses that the fashion designer creates is actual, wearable and certainly consistent with the desires of every woman to emphasize all the most important advantages of the body shape, and even personality. And, of course, each of these dresses can turn Cinderella into a Princess! Do you agree with me? =)

I also invite you to take a look behinf the scene of this show ♥

Backstage of Alexanra Serova SS 2014 Fashion Show

Now I want to know your opinion! Do you like this collection? Which dress do you like most of all?