Beautiful lace skirts. Do you like to wear lace pieces?

My pretties, today I am sharing with you my old set of pics of lace skirts, which I so love! These looks show the best ways to wear lace skirts and give ideas how to combine them. I hope you will enjoy the pics and appreciate my advices how to wear lace skirts! =)

How to wear lace skirts

  • With shirts. If a skirt has a medium waist, the shirt can safely go underneath. Waistline can be emphasized with strap, or even a wide belt, if you want to highlight it.
  • With simple tops. This option is more relevant for the entire summer looks, if you want to soften feminine look and make the image easier using the regular shirts.
  • With high heeled and flat shoes. Almost any skirt goes well with any shoes: as with heels as well with flat ones. So, in this case most important thing is that pair of shoes echoed the overall look.
  • With a denim jacket or a shirt. The implication is that the skirt has to be visible, so you can tuck the shirt under the skirt, or wear it unbuttoned over of any top. Denim will also give the look more simplicity, while not taking away its femininity and romanticism .
  • With a leather jacket. As usual, leather jackets perfectly emphasize feminine and romantic outfits, giving the look of audacity and unbridled freedom. Great combination for a date night or a night hike to a club !
  • Well, of course with a lace top! Unlike nuances in combining of printed clothing, combining lacy pieces may be much simpler. Therefore, if you want to create a look, a la "lace dress," try to combine a lace skirt and a lace top.