Best of Couture SS 2016. My 'Futuristic' Picks

Each of us has an own imagination about how future (in all its aspects) will look like. My imagination is based upon dozens films, games, sci-fi books and neo-futuristic art pieces.

In my mind, futuristic fashion is all about semi-transparent fabrics, high-tech materials (PVC, neoprene etc), laser engraving, bold mathematical cutouts and silhouettes (angled geometric figures, graphic curves, Fibonacci sequences etc.), mass usage of metallic matters, and, of course, avant-garde.

Best of Couture SS 2016. My 'Futuristic' Picks


Best of Couture SS 2016. Futuristic Picks


When choosing which pieces of Couture SS 2016 collections I love most of all, it turned out they are all somehow reflect my own imagination about futuristic fashion.

As you know, I am a huge fan of neo-futurism, so, of course, I did that subconsciously.

When I was watching all the collections, the whole looks, I saw futuristic interstellar ambassadors, tech- and genesis priestess, galactic chancellors, Solar System Expo 2343 hostesses and more, more....

Such feelings I had when exploring new couture collections. Am I out of my mind? Maybe. However, I like to see High Fashion designers were able to give me these emotions.