Brasilian fashion week in Sao Paulo

Yesterday I watched four fashion shows of Brasilian Fashion week in Sao Paulo. This country is with ecuatorial climat, so they presented collections for the next summer 2013. I will say couple words about each brand and show=)

Paula Raia

I liked the collection of this designer. Pastel colors and very light, almost invisible fabrics contain the romantic of the 20-s (as in dress as well in trouser suits) and the inscrutability of the East that hides ones and opens anothers parts of the body. Acessories are just the collars with the crystalls and nothing more. Very light collection.


It was amazing show of the brasilian brand! Not just because of bubbles that was showed on the screen behind, but also because of amazing collection I felt I get in the aquarium with beautiful fishes=) The bright colors of dresses and suits with colorful sea's waves-like prints. All the looks reminded about the sea and the ocean. The knitted dresses looked like the nets of fishmen and the looks, where knitted and bright holographic fabrics are combined made models look like the caught fish. Strict black outfits remind me about the divers especially because of the circle sunglasses. This collection contain all the styles from 20-s and 50-s till modern minimalistic styles. The white suits with metallic buttons reminded me about the big liners in the ocean. =) Also models in colorful lush dresses made from the fabric with holographic effect looked like bouquets of flowers=) Amazing collection!


Weird collection from the weird designer. Gypsy- and african tribal styles are mixed with a femininity of the dress in style of 50-s. Shaman's looks with safary style. Colorful tones and animal prints. And shawls. A big amount of shawls! On the head, neck, like a swimwear and like belts, also like a beachwear, tied on the feet. I keep in mind tops made from little metalic plates. Accessories - chains with coins. All the gypsy-african style. The collection for the guys who really like it, but I need to say that Neon is very popular in Brasil. Probably designers create more usable clothes for prêt-à-porter.


Another one show that I liked. Another one sea-water's collection=) Ellus is a Brasilian jeans brand and this collection was designed by Adriana Bozon. Look remind me about Iodus a little bit. Maybe because of the models ;) The sea bottom, dark tones and strict shapes a lil bit dark music and video created the sensation of the depth. And the outfits reminded the fishes again. But not the tropical, but more big and dark. Fabrics that look like the fish's skin, the prints like the creations of the ocean have, details reminded about little inhabitants of the ocean. Sequins, nylon fabric, silk. And again divers :D Everything looked grandious. Ellus is jeans brand so I heard the rock in music and saw the rock in outfits. Dresses and suits the biker jacket look like, dark tones, metall. Big metallic necklaces with larges stones. I propose you to watch this collection yourself in video below.

Take care of you, kittens!=) Love&kiss;! Meaow=*