Catlover. My cats passion

Hi, my lovely kittens! Those who don't know me, probably every time are surprised at the strange appeal to readers, which I use in my daily posts. The thing is that I'm a passionate catlover, kittenfan, koteadorer (kote is one of the russian way to call the cat =) - call me as you want =) And the "kittens" for me are a quintessential of a something sweet, beautiful, kind, very very fluffy and perfect! =) I would love to have a kitten, but I can't take on this responsibility, until I am sure that the animal will receive from me all my free time and love. So my love of cats resulted to a collecting nice gizmos that are have a cat's shape or have a cat's picture. In my collecting, I'm not yet gathering various souvenirs and interior items in the form of cats, so I limit myself by the buying the clothing and accessories. So today I want to share they (or rather, their pics) with you in my post =)

Cosmetics bag with woman-cat

One of my autumn purchase: a cosmetics bag by Nice Things, with which I just fell in love when I saw! I already wrote in detail about my impressions of this sweet little stuff. Yes, this woman reminds me of me =)

Косметичка с женщино-кошкой

T-shirt with a school-catgirl =)

Yes, if I see a T-shirt or any top with a cat print, that's all! I will not rest until I buy this clothes =) What a shopaholic? I am a kittyholic =) Below you can see a picture of me in the t-shirt by Pimkie, and HERE you can see one of my OOTD with a this shirt.

Футболка с кошко-школьницей

Catlike earring-cuff

This wonderful sweet kitty-earring was sent to me by an online-store Chemjoy ( Cute and simple earring-cuff, from the category of ordinary jewelries. It's not very comfortable to wear it daily, but to create a catlike look for any event it absolutely fits =)

Catlike earring-cuff

Earring and Necklace. Cat and tiger

I am glad that I get more and more opportunities to full my collection of a catlike stuff. Even if I don't wear it all daily, their presence in my collection is warming my heart every second =) You can see below the pics of the cat-earring and a tiger necklace (tiger is cat too! =Ъ), which I recently purchased at a shop Accessorize.

Earring and Necklace. Cat and tiger

Cat-earring in the ear and tiger-necklace on the neck =)

And together and singly all these cute stuff look quite in a friendly fashion, and just expose me up as a great Cat Lover =)

Cat-earring in the ear and tiger-necklace on the neck =)

Do you have any hobby to collect some stuff?=)

Girls, I am russian, and English is not my native language, so if you find mistakes then feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3