Celebratory collection "Wheel of Life" by Samsara

Hi, my beautiful kittens! ;) In recent seasons a jewellery that not only adorn women, but also carry the function of cute talismans, amulets, and that inspire beauties to their aspirations have become incredibly popular. Everyone is familiar with brand-names such as Pandora, Shamballa, Amulette.

Russian celebrities wear Samsara bracelets. Vera Brezhneva and Irina Ortman

Today I want to tell you about another one interesting jewellery brand Samsara (which one I found out recently), which you can safely put on a par with the most famous brands. I really liked their last Christmas collection. On their site I read that celebratory collection of brand Samsara includes bracelets, pendants and earrings, which are made of 18-karat yellow and white gold, semi-precious stones, as well as black and white diamonds. The name of this collection is "The Wheel of Life". Also the company released interesting bracelets devoted by New Year. Fasteners of the bracelets are made in the form of the Snake, which one, if you remember, is a chinese symbol of the upcoming year.

Bracelets Samsara The Wheel of Life

You know, my beauties, I very much believe in the power of a positive energy, as much as I believe that the metals and stones are able to accumulate this very positive energy and are able to share it with us when it is lacking. And anyway I am very close to the Eastern philosophy and an ideology of the ancient sages. I collect in my house eastern attributes and I love to surround myself with candles, indian spices, and I sometimes even practice yoga. I believe that all of our thoughts and actions affect our life in all of its entirety. That's why I try to think positively and to avoid causing grief to people.

Collection The Wheel of Life by Samsara

"Look at the sun and you will not see the shadows," Indian wisdom says. When you look at the little suns of Samsara's jewelleries, you just want that this sun will always accompany you, charging you with a positive energy. This is the case when a piece of jewellery is not just a pretty bauble, it really is a real talisman, which one will give you a good mood just with the one look at it! I'm very selective in matters of jewellery and I always buy just what inspires me, and I think that bracelet, pendant or earrings, which carry so much positive - it's a great gift, especially for the New Year and Christmas!

Party look with Samsara Jewellery

About the brand Samsara, its history and philosophy, and the latest news you can read more on their official website.

Samsara Jewellery Official Website: https://ko-te.com/go.php?url=http://www.samsara-jewellery.com

What do you plan to buy for you and your friends on the holidays? =)

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