Color Burgundy. 25 trendy pieces in the beautiful wine shades

Probably, is hard to find fashionistas who would not know that colors of wine are trendy last seasons, especially in the autumn. Personally, I prefer color burgundy of all wine shades. That's about it I'm going to talk today and share with you a selection of cute pieces (clothing, accessories, makeup) that have been created in this color. Let's take a look at this beauty!

Color Burgundy. 25 trendy pieces in the beautiful wine shades. Fashion Blog of Eva Tornado

Color Burgundy. 25 trendy pieces in the beautiful wine shades

Burgundy color refers to the spectrum of red and brown. But we all know that there are clean colors only on Wikipedia pages or in Pantone's catalogues. Some of the artists and designers use more dark shades of purple like aubergine color, someone adds more brown shades, someone makes "plum wine." The most close shade to burgundy is "bordeaux," which is also a wine shade. They are often confused but Bordeaux is more red shade while Burgundy has cool purple and brown neutral notes. I bring you a comparative picture.

Wine Color Burgundy. Fashion blog of Eva Tornado.Б

Wine colors recently won hearts of fashionistas - especially in the seasons of "mulled wine" - fall and winter. I absolutely agree with this trend, the red tones in general are very well looked in colorless reality, cheer up, and even warm! =) Personally, I love cold wine shade - burgundy. That's why I called the my post like that and that's why the color of the wine with cold midtone is predominant in my collection of cute pieces.

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Burgundy shade is in perfect harmony with clothing in the same cool colors or neutral shades. Black, blue, brown, dark green, gray will be a great combination for this wine shade. I recommend to take a closer look at palletes of eyeshadow - they are usually created with combination of the most matched tones, such as palette of Marc Jacobs Beauty, where you can see dark green, black, gray and khaki. In Lancome and Dior palletes you can see nude and golden shades. Personally for me, black and burgundy are a classic combo, but you can experiment. I think for this color any bright vibrant tone and white color should be excluded (except, perhaps, the situation, if you put on a top with white elements under a burgundy jacket, it is almost not visible. Actually you can see the white eyeshadow in pallets with burgundy shade, but it usually comes as a highlighter to focus on the eye). You know, burgundy is like a noble wine. And you need to wear it with the same noble or classic shades. Outfit must not beat in the eye with bright colors or sudden contrasts. By the way, speaking of white color, it will look best with bordeaux! For burgundy is better to choose total-wine look , or a combination with leather or denim .


Do you have clothing in wine shades? Or lipstick? Or nail polish? :D