Coral&Mint. Colorize your spring!

Kittens, I continue to post about my fave color trends, and today my post is about the next pastel shades I like - coral and mint shades. They are like fire and ice - one is so hot another is so frosty. I love them both, and they can be combined together easily!

Coral-Mint. trendy colours

Coral&Mint. Colorize your spring!

Here is a few pieces in coral and mint colors, that I like and I've created this collage to show you my fave stuff in these shades!

Coral and Mint. Colorize your spring!

Pieces I've mentioned:

1. Mint Contrast Clutch by Accessorize on

2. Coral shoes by Christian Louboutin on

3. Mint Sweatshirt on

4. Eyeshadows by IsaDora on

5. Coral dress on

6. Coral lipstick Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture on

7. Coral bag by Victoria's Secret on

8. Mint sneakers by Steve Madden on

Which one is your fave shade? I will wait for your comments!

Wish you a wonderful day, kittens! ♥ I love you! ♥ Meow!