Country style clothing

Hey, my pretty kittens! Today I want to write a bit about the country style clothing. This style is not so popular in Russia and on the south of Europe, but anyway I love this style and it worth to talk about it! When I think about this style I have a lot imagination in my head always: cowboys' shirts and boots, jeans, some indian accessories. But, actually, this style is more wide, and it include a lot of interesting aspects, but the most visible distinctive feature of the country style is the simplicity, the convenience and low-key colors (except the colorful floral prints).

A lot of time this style was not the style - it was the usual daily clothing of the usual people from the province, it was the work clothing on the farms. But in the last decades the country style was formed as unique. Though this style came to us from the USA, now it includes a lot of details and styles of the villages of a lot countries. The main thing - to have a provincial-like look. The country style is conquering the hearts from the catwalks and the magazines, and everybody likes it - from the simple girl with the smooth skin and innocent look from the province, till the charming super-stars, that we see every day on TV. I don't belong to any of that types, but I do like this style too! ^^

The one feature, that I really like in the country style is the simplicity. It lets to mix the clothing of this style with the clothing of others. And we can create any adorable looks we want and make our image unforgettable!

So, as usually, I experimented and created three looks in the country style. So first one is with the shorts. Oh, my god, the denim shorts is the most popular trend and SURE it looks amazing in the country style!

country style look with shorts

Dress in the country style. We need to be careful with this dresses and don't create the dull look. For look pretty bright in the simple dress you need to create amazing hairstyle - wavy hair or the lush braid, and also to create cute make-up.

The last one look is with the jeans. It's the fave of many girls look of a cowboy. You can mix it with cowboy's hat and boots, shirts, and details in the indian style. For creating the romantic country style, you can use the top with the floral print and sandals from the soft material with the floral decoration.

Take care of your beauty! Love&kiss! Meaow=*