Denim Jackets. Cool Outfit Ideas

Denim jackets? Hell, yeah! Thanks to the efforts of designers of major fashion houses, our beloved and practical denim still can't move out from catwalks. This means that we don't only need to buy new trendy things: jeans, shorts, vests and jackets, but also to "revive" the old ones. A few moves of the scissors, a little inspiration and some rivets, and - voila! - the old new denim clothing is with you! =)

Today I have created for you three looks + an outfit set, the basic things of which are denim jackets. This kind of wardrobe's items can be purchased by you in finished form, or create youself by updating your old jackets.

Denim jackets

The first way is to cut off the sleeves of an old denim shirt or the jacket, or to add a lush pleated skirt, belted with a thin strap, and accessories. Shoes can be as with heels as with a flat sole.

The second outfit is quite suitable for a stroll. Because it has a cowboy's image. And the cowboys, as a rule, are hardworkers and their clothing looks worn. How to create such an effect of worn jeans? Use the blade for cutting threads in some places of the fabric, pull them out with a needle, so they hung down, creating in effect of the worn jeans. In some places, for persuasiveness, you can make bigger holes.

Denim jacket for looks for a walking

And the most romantic style. In this situation we will not do abrasions and holes. We're going to wear a dress! To decorate the jacket you plan to wear with the dress you gotta be armed with forceps or a hot glue-gun and with some beautiful buttons (rockers love to decorate their clothes with them) or crystals. All this beauty can be placed around a collar and along the edges of the jacket.

For crystals you can use hot silicone glue with the gun, and fasten the buttons on the reverse side of the fabric with forceps. Who has rich imagination can decorate the jacket with traceries: flowers, hearts, or own name. Wear the jacket with a dress and it's better to choose shoes with high heels.

Denim jacket with a romantic dress

I have for you even more street style looks ideas with denim jackets ♥

Get inspired! Take care of yor beauty dears! Big kisses to you! Meaow=*