Dresses with bow

Hi, kittens! Yesterday I was walking through the shops and I noted that the one of the most amazing trends of this year - bows - are on the every showcase in abundance. In clothes and shoes, in accesories and hats - big and little bows, that are so loved by the girls blossom like a rainbow. And I love the bows so muuuuch! ^^ Especially I love the tops and dresses with bow. But, bcuz I can't always buy just the dresses with bow I bought for myself the big ribbon-belt, that I can tie like the bow with any dress ;) And this simple accessory can turn any usual dress in the dress for a coctail-party ;)

If you've already bought the dress or just have plans to buy, I am really glad! Because these dresses as give your image a lil bit of a doll charm as well make the image younger. But if you are not gonna buy the dress with the bow, I strongly recommend that you buy the belt. You can use it and with long tops and tunics too.

So, as usually, I created for you three looks, everything is covered with the bows :D I hope to inspire you to create brave and playful doll looks. The first look is pretty strict. But my lovely bows give it an innocence and a girlish ardor. This look is good for official parties.

The second look has very rich contrasting colors. If you want to cut a dash yourself like a rock pin-up beauty then this look is that you need!

And the last one. The dress is very-very dolly, lush and pretty short. It will make the shape of body more air and lush.

Take care of your beauty and experiment! Love&kisses;! Meaow=*