Eco-Minimalism with JORD Wood Watches

Does eco-minimalism exist as a style? If it does then the women wood watches brand JORD could be called a real apologist of this style.

I barely fall in love with accessories, but watches of this American brand conquered my heart. Aren't they cool?

Eco-Minimalism with JORD Wood Watches

I prefer minimalism in my everyday looks. I don't like bulky and fancy clothing and accessories. You know that elegance of minimalism is a foundation stone for any style.

Any basic wardrobe consists of simple and minimalistic pieces which are making our life easier: neutral colors, elegant lines, purity of silhouettes.

But a special "taste" to the whole style can be given by eco-accessories. One touch and you look fresh, young as the very Mother Nature gives you her blessing.

Sounds philosophical, but in real life wooden accessories like JORD's wood watches make a perfect finish, creating eco-minimalistic look, which perfectly reflects e.g. Scandinavian lifestyle.

Also you can match wood watches with super trendy boho-style, or do like me: go eco-minimalistic! ♥

Did you fall in love with these beauties? Then you are welcome to visit JORD Wood Watches Store to pick your own piece of super-cool accessories for your basic wardrobe.

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