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Hi, kittens! Today I want to publish an autobiographical story about why I decided to write fashion and beauty blogs, and just talk a little bit about the Russian-speaking and English-speaking beauty & fashion blogs and bloggers.

Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco a história, como eu comecei a escrever os meus beauty and fashion blogs.

I note that the fashion for fashion (pardon the tautology) and beauty blogs reigns around the world already 10 years. Its peak was in 2008-2009, when almost every girl tried to start own fashion diary or to share pictures of own makeups or new purchases. Most of the girls, of course, rather hastily abandoned their activities, but the most stubborn were able to rally the readers and as a result have become quite popular not only in own country, but also around the world. Among those whom I love to read and I read, I will mention the bloggers and their blogs Chiara Ferragni with her The Blond Salad, Andy Torres and Style Scrapbook, blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere, Thebeautydepartment.com, Into The Gloss, Killer Colours and many others, I'm subscribed and with pleasure I like to read.

When I moved to Portugal from Russia, I was bored and I didn't have no activity, I think many Russian-speaking bloggers who live abroad, had this problem. I am a journalist and pr-expert, but to work in a foreign country, not knowing the language perfectly, with my specialty is just impossible. That's why I got the idea to start blogging - my brain and soul were just "hungry" for work, and the desire to write was higher than me. But what to write about? At first, I just started the life blog about my daily activities and thoughts, and then I wrote more and more publications about recipes, which I've been experimenting. And I realized - that's it! What I want =) With a fairly large amount of knowledge about natural cosmetics and make-up, with a good taste in matters of style and fashion, prefering a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the food - I just must share all my experience and knowledge with my readers =) As well my love of travel and photography (I have a diploma of photographer) - is not a perfect combination in order to become a blogger and to write own fashion and beauty blogs? ;)

Fashion and beauty blogs. Kisses From Europe by Eva Tornado

And I continue to learn. I learn a literature about the fashion and the beauty, discover new interesting recipes, trying all on myself, and I share the results of experiments with you =) I read readers' comments with a pleasure, answer questions, and I feel that I found my calling =) My blog is almost 5 months and I am incredibly pleased to huge number of subscribers and visitors!

I note that there is blogging is not a popular activity in Russia, probably the wave of fashion still has not come to the country. English part of my blog gets much more feedback and comments than Russian's, Russian people is probably shy to comment =) But the grateful readers of my fashion and beauty blogs will always find some time to write a comment and say "thank you", because your gratitude is the highest award for me , my dear kittens =*

Thanks for reading me, for each one of your comments! I love you very very much!

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3