Fairy godmother of the Russian fashion Alexandra Serova

Hi, my lovely kittens! You know, I noticed that the feminism that swept the planet, and has settled on the world catwalks played a cruel joke with the women. Thanks to the reigning street style "unisex", it's sometimes impossible to tell who is in front of you, a man or a woman? But in actual fact, what a girl does not sometimes dream to be a princess or a queen? That her handsome prince took her on his hands? To dance in a beautiful dress on the royal dance, catching thousands of admiring glances? And I am so inspired by those designers who see a woman is a woman, not just a representative of the human race, and a hanger for clothes and who realize these girl's dreams in their creations. I want to write today about a Russian fashion-designer, which makes the tale of a beautiful princess come true. The name of this magical fairy godmother is Alexandra Serova.

Fairy godmother of the Russian fashion Alexandra Serova

The history of the fashion-brand "Alexandra Serova" has started a couple of years ago. And before that a beautiful girl Alexandra was working a long time in the men's team. Through this experience she was able to see the women's world through the eyes of men. She opened the simple truth that woman should look like a real woman. "There were a lot of men in my professional environment," - says in a press-interview of Alexandra Serova. - "I've been talking to them about what is a perfectly dressed woman in their opinion? The answer was the same: Our women have forgotten how to be elegant. But be chic and elegant is simple - you need professionally tailored dress in noble tones, emphasizing the natural female beauty".

Alexandra was able to realize in her masterpieces a quintessence of femininity, sophistication, elegance, grace and a certain gentility, everything that the true noble lady incarnates. During the existence of this brand the creations of the master were able to win the hearts of celebrities, socialites and of just lovers of really beautiful dresses that make a woman a woman. Like by a wave of a magic wand, Alexandra created few excellent collections of dresses: "Scattered in a Luxury", "Ice of a Vanity", "Revival of the Empire", "Millésime". Each collection of the designer consists of royal luxurious dresses that emphasize the beauty of the woman's body, the grace of bends and the harmony of forms.

Dresses of celebrities - celebrities wear dresses by Alexandra Serova

Looking through a lot of photos and video from the fashion shows by Alexandra Serova, I could not find even a single dress that I would not like it! They are all different, like jewels, and each one is beautiful in it's own way, and it was designed specifically to love a woman in this dress, to take her on the hands and to bathe her in a Luxury.

Dresses by Alexandra Serova

Video of runaway by Alexandra Serova Spring-Summer 2013 VOLVO Fashion Week in Moscow

More information and pictures from the runways of the beautiful fashion-designer Alexandra Serova can be found on the official website of the brand.

Alexandra Serova Official Website: https://ko-te.com/go.php?url=http://aserova.com

Have you ever dream to be a princess and visit a royal dance? ;)

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