Best Trendy Bracelets. Pictures and Style Tips

Do you love to wear bracelets? I love them and I prefer metallic pieces, and huge and geometrical forms. So which styles will be trendy in the upcoming year? Today I am publishing a selection of pics of fashion bracelets 2014, talking about jewelry trends and sharing my style tips.

Best Trendy Bracelets. Pictures and Style Tips

In today's jewelry you can see the mixing of minimalism and surrealism; integrity and complexity; smooth, kinda frozen metallic nuggets and strict geometric shapes; futurism and authentic ethnic designs; rough cut of stones and fine cut of details; modern high-tech materials and items from wool of wild animals; large elements and exquisite jewelry of fine workmanship; gold and leather; plastic and fabric. This variation of trends is so typical for this time - time of freedom of expression, finding yourself and your own style, and respect for the experience of ancestors and traditions of the older generations.

I can't strictly say that "this bracelet is trendy and it is worth to buy it". Bracelets, as well as all the accessories, play a role of an accent. That one detail that will help you complete the look, and will play a final chord. In most cases, accessories define an outfit of their owner, regardless of which style she is wearing. And often the women are judged by the choice of fashion jewelry and accessories. And you need to fill your wardrobe with those details that will meet your inner "self" in the best way. It is not necessary, for example, to buy gold trinkets, if you do not belong to the number of gold lovers, just because your neighbour always wears them, or you saw a bracelet on a celebrity's hand on the red carpet. Everybody has different lifestyle and views of the world, so let your fashion bracelets be a continuation of you, then they will not bring you any physical or visual discomfort.

I am the owner of a "cold" type of appearance and have rather strict views on the world, and besides of all I am a Capricorn ;) In general, metallic cool colors (silver, platinum, chromium), strict square or rounded geometric shapes, massive elements and rough design - it's all about me. So I choose this kind of jewelry, they are absolutely for me ♥ Girls with "warm" tone of appearance should pay attention to the " warm" shades of the same acessories. If it is a metallic piece - is gotta be gold or copper; it can also be leather or natural fabrics, stones in hues with yellow, brown midtones. For the office look you can use strict minimalistic pieces with no details. And for a date or any special occasion - masterpieces of fine workmanship, which will not "steal" attention from your eyes. It's a huge number of options - for any look, character, event, and the dress code is necessary to select the appropriate accessories .

If you're wondering what kind of jewelry is perfect for you - leave your comments or email me personally, I will help you with advice, what jewelry is better to choose =)