Fashion cocktail dresses in everyday life

Hi, my lovely kittens! Today I decided to write about very important for me (may be for a lot of girls too) troubles - to buy the cocktail dress or not to buy? The life of normal girls is not so full of real cocktail parties, and to buy the cocktail dress only for one using and after to "bury" it in wardrobe is not the interesting perspective. So, how we can use the fashion dresses in everyday life? Actually it's not so hard. Today I collected looks for you to show the ways how to wear these chic dresses in usual outfits.

Vestidos cocktail de dia. Como vestir eles nos dias comuns. Fique comigo e lê! ;) Amo e beijo=***

You have a lot of options. If your life is not so full of any parties it's better to buy classic dress in classic colors without decorations. So you will be able to mix it with jackets and blazers and have an official look. But I decided to make more interesting experiment and try to mix more colorful and bright dresses for daily looks. So, lets begin.

My first outfit is my fave greek dress=) It will look amazing with beach sandals and simple accessories in sea's style. With the big bag you will have a look of an inhabitant of the beach city. But you will not loose the chic.

Another outfit or look (as you wish to call it) is in a fashion coral color. With golden accessories it will look like party-look. Without any accessory and with shoes in pastel or black colors, and also with black official blazer it will be the best for the summer dress-code for the office.

And the last one my fave outfit is a chiffon dress in the color of "pink gold". If you will use more classic belt with a contrasting colors as well as shoes and bag, you will be able to use it for the dates or walkings. You just cant use the blazer or jacket - the chiffon sleeves need the freedom... :D

The fashion cocktail dresses are the dream of every girl, so let's make our dreams come true! ^^ So, tell me how much cocktail dresses do you have in your wardrobe?=) And how do you like to wear it?

Vocês têm vestidos cocktail de dia? Como vocês os vestem?

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meow :3