Fashion Trend: Military Style

Military. Army style. Camouflage. This gets the strongest response in my soul. When I want to feel strong, confident, independent, I don't wear hight heels, I wear military. And if one day I will be going to conquer the world I will wear military + high heels. :D

Military style is a hot trend today. It's presence can be felt - visibly or not visibly - in 50% of fashion collections. Obviously even fashion reflects global trends. Shit that is happening right now in the Middle East, as well as in the center of Europe simply can't leave you indifferent #heartbeating. Fear. Complete helplessness in front of the face of global threats ... and you want to put on a military clothing just right now!

Humanity - Civilization - must rise above the planet. Explore new technologies to conquer space. Grow up. Local conflicts only show how dense is human mind. #clenchedfists

I believe that military style clothing will become one day a symbol of comfort and space exploration. However, let's leave aside my concoctions.

Fashion Trend: Military Style

Let's go already! #Bendersvoice Let's take a look on catwalks. So it will be easier to imagine which military pieces of clothing it's better to pick for the wardrobe. Personally, I, as ever, would choose "total military" :D If you are not such a big fan of this style, like me, you can choose only one military piece. This will make even the most basic outfit trendy.

Here and there in collections we can see absolute military looks, and some brands present a more "peaceful" safari style. They are similar in some ways. The original purpose of the military and safari uniforms was absolutely identical - a disguise and an "easy to wear" functions.

Military style in everyday outfits

I devide the military style clothing on two directions - "soldier" (camouflage, hiking clothing, mostly for active lifestyle) and "officer" (elegant, classic style and details, like dress-coats of officers).