Gold Metallic Shoes 2013. How to wear this luxurious trend?

Kittens, I want to share with you an illustrative post, in which I want to show the most beautiful models of shoes I have seen. The protagonists of today's publication - gold metallic shoes. Metallic shades continue to be some of the most trendy this season. So let's look at the most, in my opinion, interesting models of this shoe. So I'll share with you a few tips on how to wear gold shoes.

Gold Metallic Shoes 2013. Luxurious trend! Tom Ford SS 2013 Campaign

Gold Metallic Shoes 2013. Luxurious trend!

For the seed I share with you a selection of photos of the most beautiful, in my opinion, models gold metallic pumps shoes. Very inspiring design! It makes you want to try on and, even though it is not crystal, feel you like Cinderella =) Perhaps, one day, I will make up my mind to buy gold shoes.

Golden toe shoes

If you have the desire to buy gold shoes, but you still do not dare to try such a bright and eye-catching golden hue, you can try on golden toe shoes with more strict shades - black, white, beige and so on. If to pick up a few more accessories with a golden hue to such shoes, your look will be bright enough, but not too much to attract attention.

How to wear gold shoes?

At this year's social events in Cannes celebrities showed a lot of beautiful looks that consist entirely of golden apparel and details. So, if you are going to visit a beautiful glamorous social event you may well prefer a dress made ​​of cloth with golden threads, or gold-painted clothing or a dress with gold-plated details. And gold shoes (for ex. rose gold metallic shoes) will perfectly complete this royal look.

How to wear gold shoes?

  • Bright gold shoes perfectly complement any casual look, which consists of simple jeans and simple top. In general, it is worth noting that gold is a precious metal and it "likes to be worn" with no less noble colors - black, red, white, emerald green, royal blue, burgundy.
  • This season, celebrities made white color the one of the most trendy this summer. Therefore, you can not go wrong by wearing a white dress or trouser suit, or white skirt. The best choice will be to wear rose gold metallic shoes with white clothing. It will look so chic! You can also experiment with prints in black and white stripes that are also fashionable this summer, thanks to the bright summer collection of Dolce&Gabbana;

How to wear gold shoes? White dress, natural makeup and rose gold metallic shoes

How I would wear golden shoes? Frankly, in my head there are such a mass of looks, but I like a conservative woman (when it comes to the selection of the outfit for myself), I would not create a total gold look or a combination of shoes with white or striped dress. My choice would be in favor of a strict black trouser suit, a white shirt can be (you can go bold completely without top only in a blazer ;). Of course, gold metallic pumps shoes and clutch box in the same shade as the shoes. Hairstyle would be strict, a bun or a ponytail.

How to wear gold shoes? Strict black trouser suit

The second option, which I would have chosen - it's boyfriend jeans, white top, black jacket and pair of bulk gold jewelry. See, again, everything revolves around the black and white, so here I am such a nerd =) Btw for such a look you don't need to purchse expensive footwear like Jimmy Choo, Burberry, or Christian Louboutin. You can find enough cheap gold heels by Shopbop, Topshop, ASOS etc.

How to wear gold shoes

  • I think that prom gold shoes is a great solution for the prom! Perhaps the only day when you can afford something that you will never allow yourself to wear in everyday life. Vivid prom gold shoes will be perfectly suit to the satin and silk dresses in noble colors, and will look great with delicate pastel dresses. An excellent opportunity to finally treat yourself and buy not a cheap gold heels ;)!
  • Speaking of tissues. Gold does not tolerate competition, so you should forget about the bright prints, voluminous laces, polka dot, floral prints and flower details as well as about other metallic shades. The combination of these components with gold threatens to vulgarize the look. Although there may be exceptions, such as noble black-and-white stripe or, for example, parts with leopard print, as I wrote recently, just be attentive. Is better to not risk, if you do not feel confidence.

Do you have golden shoes in your wardrobe? Do you love this trend?

I wish you a wonderful day, kittens! I love you! ♥ Meow!