Hippie hairstyle

I like very much the nature and all natural: cosmetic, fabrics etc. But in the same time I'm urban-child and I can't live without digital gadgets. So, I am mixing my loves pretty good and I like it :D So, bcuz of my love to the nature I like the hippie-style.


In the style of these pacific guys I like more their hairstyles. And, actually, they are trendy in 2012. The hairstyles of hippie are very easy as all natural. You need just keep your hair disheveled. For decoration your hairstyle you can use ribbons, crown from alive flowers or it's very popular to use little braids from own hairs like bands and decorate your hairstyle with them. So it's all depend of your imagination=)


Take care of your beauty! Ask your questions in commentaries or on my Official Page in Facebook. ;)

Stay pretty! ;) I love you all! Big kisses fro you! Meaow=*