How to choose a swimsuit? The best designs for this summer!

I'm always interested to witness the changing trends of beachwear, but recent seasons, designers are not emphasizing separate styles rather is a change of "scenery". This should please those who like to try different looks for the beach, because even mixing beachwear kits of collections from different seasons, you can be sure to find yourself in the trend. However, let's look in more detail which designs of beachwear are trendy this summer and how to choose a swimsuit, depending on the desired look, and the body type.

How to choose a swimsuit? The best designs for this summer!

I will mention some of the most popular designs that European and American designers prefer. The choice, of course, depends entirely on your taste and a body shape.

Tank suits

Universal type, which is suitable for any body type. We can only deal with the details and exterior design.

How to choose a swimsuit? Tank suit, bandeau, sexy front V

If you are the owner of beautiful sculptured shoulders and slender waist - look for a swimsuit-bando . It has no straps, which makes it possible to get a nice tan on the line of the shoulders without pale marks on the skin. If you want to visually reduce the waist - select a swimsuit with slits on the sides made from the fabric in dark shades: visually waist will be much narrower. If you are a happy owner of a beautiful chest - choose a swimwear with plenty V-neckline and sufficiently wide straps: men's attention will be yours!


Oh, here is space for imagination! Importantly, remember that you need to choose the correct size - or one-to-one, or even one size larger. Who thinks that a body, entwined with ropes with pleats sticking out from under them is sexy? Men, of course, like ham, but not to such an extent ;)

Selection of type of a bra and panties again depends on the characteristics of the body shape. But the designers sometimes forget that the size of the "top" and "bottom" may have difference, and sometimes very big difference! Therefore, sometimes to find a suitable set can be difficult. In this case you can buy the two sets with different sizes and cuts, and don't hesitate to combine a bra and panties from different sets! Especially, it is now soooo trendy! ♥

How to choose a swimsuit? Bikini, chose the correct size

Owners of great busts should pay attention to bras with wide straps and holding cups - so you can be sure that the chest will not jump out of a swimsuit at the most inopportune moment. Bikini is well suited for small to medium breast sizes. If you are the owner of a perfect body shape - panties of any style will look gorgeous on you! Remember that panties- shorts visually shorten the leg and make the hips visually fuller. But thong panties would not hide figure flaws. If you have a nice tummy, choose a bottom with a low waist . If your hips are not perfect - throw away the doubt and get panties in classic cuts , with wide straps and closing buttocks. Remember about the size! Swimsuit should not over-tighten the skin. And a pleasant not enough, and looks ugly.

Choosing the best swimsuit design

Well, here we are, finally, talking about trends. The main fashion trends of recent seasons 2013/2014 are bright colors, the use of unconventional fabrics and prints, graphics and geometry, returning to the "retro", a mixture of styles and, of course, a special attention to details.

Animal print

Choice of bold women. Such a print on the fabric instantly attracts attention, so it's important not to overdo the look with the details, and to choose not bright items as beach accessories (pareo, headbands and bags in calmer tones).

How to choose a swimsuit?  Animal print

Bright colors and flowers

Vivid swimsuits will be particularly fashionable if you will mix kits together, maintaining your look accordingly a popular trend nowadays " color block ". If you don't like to contrast bright colors in one look, you can choose the easier option - combine bright top (you can choose one even with a floral print) with bottom in a more "peaceful" tone.

How to choose a swimsuit? Vivid colors and prints

Sailors and geometry

Graphic designs of swimsuits are trendy as well: strict geometric cutouts, angular prints, stripes or even squares. Please note that different patterns influence the perception of your body shape: for example, lush girls should give up the horizontal stripes. Dark colors make body slimmer, light ones - fuller. Well, at least the color choice depends only on your personal preference. Although ... Squares a la Louis Vuitton I would not risk, to try on myself: this doesn't fit my body shape. ;)

How to choose a swimsuit? Geometric prints and stripes

Retro and vintage

Probably, the protagonists of the movie "Back to the Future", hitting the beach in the summer of 2013 would decide that their machine is faulty, and instead the future for some reason they turned up in the past! Retro and vintage "pin-up" as ever are trendy!

How to choose a swimsuit?  Retro, pin up swimsuits

Photo prints and drawings

As for me, these swimsuits are whole pieces of art. Especially in the sphere of "drawing" the Australian swimwear brand Black Milk stands out . Probably, only the blind can pass by such beauty. And these swimsuits do not need additional design!

How to choose a swimsuit? Photo prints and drawings

Flags and love to journeys

Flag-prints on a swimsuit is a great way to be trendy, and show your love to journeys and exploring other countries, peoples and cultures!

How to choose a swimsuit? Flag print swimsuits

What kind of swimsuit cut and design do you like? What will you choose?

I wish you a wonderful day, kittes! I love you! ♥ Meow!