How to stretch new shoes. Extreme method and other advice

Hi, kittens! If you're like me - passionate lovers of all kinds of shoes, then you are perfectly familiar with a problem that occurs every time you buy new ones - how to stretch new shoes. Many advices are given, and they are all different. I have compiled the most interesting recommendations and I will share my own experiences.

How to stretch new shoes

1. You can stretch new shoes using special creams or conventional creams for footwear, applying them daily at night, and every day wear shoes at home for a 1 hour per day.

2. You can stretch new shoes from the inside, applying the alcohol or special foam for stretching shoes. The main thing is not use a lot of alcohol, to not damage the shoes.

3. If the shoes made of suede, fabric and rubber - usual beer will help. Apply a beer inside shoes, wear socks and wear wet shoes until it dries.

4. Extremely fast method of a stretching - wear socks and then shoes and send the stream of hot air from a hair dryer on the place where the shoes are too tight to warm and keep moving the feet, to "stretch" the problem areas. It will takes just 2 minutes, they say.

5. They advise also pour a water in 2 plastic bags, place them in the shoes and then place footwear on the frost (or in the freezer, or in the winter on the balcony). Water expands upon freezing, and stretches shoes. Possible this method will help to somebody =)

As for me, then, when I buy a new pair of shoes, I don't resort to extreme methods. I wear shoes at home. Walking bit to identify problem areas. The next time I stick an adhesive plaster on the problem places on the feet, and I begin to stretch shoes slowly. First, take a walk to a nearby store, then around my block, and each time increasing the length of walkings, until shoes are not taking the form of foot. The same can be done at home, but I like to walk =)

What do you use to stretch new shoes?

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