How to: wear ballet flats

Actually, I confused a lil bit, because in English they call ballet flats also "ballerina shoes", "ballet shoes", "flats ballerinas" and "ballerinas flats". I am not pretty sure how it's more correct, but I will use the words "flats ballerinas" for my post.

Well, I love flats ballerinas! It's really the most lucky creation of shoes-designers, because they combine the comfort as well the beauty, and the trouble "What to wear with flats ballerinas?" is not so hard if you have just a lil bit sense of the style.

Beautiful flats ballerinas

For me it's amazing that the flats ballerinas have different styles in design and we can buy them for every type of looks and we will be always trendy! As in romantic, as in official, as well in sport-chic styles.

And I like that the flats ballerinas are really comfortable shoes, and really any girl can use them with no problems! It's really universal shoes for every day and for every condition of your feet.

As always I created for you three looks how to wear the flats ballerinas. And the first look is with jeans shorts. I made it in the American flag's style, because I remember about the great the USA's independency day.

Also you can wear the flats ballerinas with the skirts of any styles. You can choose, or it will be more classic look or more sporty.

And the dessert! :D The flats ballerinas with the romantic dress. Your date or any else event will go excellent, because you will not feel tiredness and you will keep looking amazing!

Take care of your beauty, and experiment! Love&kiss;! Meaow=*