How to wear high heels and platform shoes? Look at these tips!

Actually, I'm a fan of comfort and prefer to wear comfortable shoes. And I gaze with pity on the girls, hobbling on heels over paving streets in Porto: high heels and platform shoes are not for walking. But I'm still a fan of their beauty for many years, and I think that for significant events such shoes are the win-win choice in order to impress people! Remains to solve a problem: how to wear high heels and platform shoes.

Today my post is dedicated to this my favorite shoe trend, I will share with you my favorite models, and discuss how you can wear this beauty.

How to wear high heels and platform shoes? Look these tips!

High heels and platform shoes

To begin I am sharing with you a selection of pics of the most striking models of shoes, ones of those that I liked the most.

Celebrities in platform shoes and stilettos

Of course, high-heeled shoes, which increase the height, make us look skinny, and this secret used by many celebrities (especially those who have small stature). And they inspire us with their gorgeous looks!

How to wear high heels and platform shoes?

I think this shoe-design is so versatile that it can be worn not only for club parties with bright clothes, or with elegant dresses for a dinner party and other very feminine outfits, but as well with the usual jeans, trousers of different cut, shorts, leggings and, of course, skirts. These shoes will fit in even sporty-chic style, if, of course, the model will be sustained in sports-style with recognizable elements (such high heeled sneakers are produced by many sports brands).

Elegant look in black color

Choose shoes, depending on the event. At a party you can wear bold shoes, decorated with spikes, or shining with rhinestones, on a business event or an event that requires moderation in an outfit, choose plain unadorned shoes.

Golden party look (greetings to Lovegold)

Fashionable shoes in bright colors, with a variety of prints and drawings, jewelry and interesting cuts perfectly complement the most common casual looks, making it brighter, and drawing attention to shapely legs. Such models of shoes are ideal for young girls.

Bright look with pinky shoes and jeans

Some models of platform shoes with high heels have a very interesting detail - the platform has a slight "slant" toward the toe (slanted platform), creating a bit of a problem with wearing these models: it is very easy to lose your balance and "roll" forward. I had some time to practice to get used to this "inconvenience". So such models are not exactly for parties or banquets - even after one glass of champagne you will be in difficulty!

Do you like high heels? What do you prefer to wear on a normal day?

I wish you a wonderful day, kittens! I love you! ♥ Meow!