How to wear summer hat

Hi, kittens! I continue the beach subject, and today I decided to create the looks for your inspiration, and to help you to see how to wear summer hat and what the clothes you can mix with this beautiful women's accessory ;)

Hoje vou compartilhar com vocês o como vestir uns chapéus de verão (uns chapéus de sol). Looks para a inspiração.

The summer hat is not just for your beauty, but for your health too. It protects your head for overheating when you spend a lot of time under the sun. It's very important, that your hat has light color, because the dark colored hats just make your head feel heat more. I can say the same about your summer clothes too - if you want to feel good, choose the light colored clothes.

For the beach look you can choose any style that you really like. As romantic, as boho, street-style as well and so on. It's all depend of your mood and your company ;) With your boyfriend you can look more cute, and with your friends - more simple and comfortable for playing in beach games.

So, first of all it's the romantic greek-look like style. We use cute headband for the head. Mint colors make your look more fresh in the hot summer day.

The second look for your inspiration is more casual, but look romantic as well (thanks to the peach color).

The third look is in the boho-style, in white color that is the best for the beach. You will look like an angel ;)

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Meaow :3