In the rhythm of the world: Ritmo Mundo

Kittens, yesterday pr-agents of the russian representative office of the watch brand Ritmo Mundo introduced me to this wonderful watches, and in spite of my indifference to the watches, as the subject of the style, I could not pass this brand up. I love the original stuff, and the creators of the brand were able to make their "child" original. I really liked the idea of ​​the transformation of the watches, which allows you to change the appearance of your accessory, depending on the situation.

Watch Ritmo Mundo: In the rhythm of the world

What we call the RITMO REVOLUTION started with the 3 elements; Swiss craftsmanship, and Italian design coupled with Hollywood marketing. In 2006, RITMO began debuting designs that show the brands’ versatility and extension into fine watch making with the Persepolis Triple Time, a three time zone watch with our unique orbital rotating case. In 2010, RITMO launched The Puzzle. This unique timepiece plays on the idea of “hiding time” and has been praised by editors for its tangible approach to watch making and design.

My imagination immediately suggested to me the looks with which this watch will look perfect!

The world celebs are happy to wear this American brand, including my fave Sylvester Stallone and Beyonce =) I suggest you also look at the promo video of collection 2011.

To know more about this brand visit their site: Ritmo Mundo.

I love you, kittens! Have a great weekend! Meow ♥