Kaleidoscope of trends. What is in the fashion?

My fluffy kittens, today after a morning's running I have a philosophical mood, and I am going to talk about the fashion and trends. Like any art, the fashion is changing during centuries. The reasons are many - from the technological progress (with the advent of transport and the central heating the number of clothing on the people reduced) and the sexual revolution (which has significantly reduced the amount of clothing as well), to the changing of the social consciousness and the formation of the consumer reflexes (with adverse mental neuroses like a shopoholism). What the modern fashion is?

When I pronounce the word for "fashion", the first association that comes to mind is the "trend": what makes fashion "fashionable". So I want to look more closely to this concept. Despite the similar names, the trends change from season to season. If now the trend is "vintage" or "disco", and you pull out from my grandmother's (my mother's) chest a little thing from the collections of that time, be prepared for the fact that you will not look fashionable, but rather old-fashioned. Each new generation of designers, each new collection, just a little, but transforms the trend, sending us to the experience of previous years, but in no way doesn't copy the design absolutely. It's easy to take the example of pin-up, how many differences are between the original pin-up and the modern one. Each new trend contains the experience of past generations, is based on so necessary in the pace of modern life convenience and comfort, and brings into our lives the dreams of the future.Many years later, when the designers will create new trends, we will be referring to the trends of the century's beginning, they will also use the motives of our contemporaries only "for seasoning", not taking entire the design completely. It is difficult even to predict how each modern style will be transformed in future. Fiction writers, screenwriters, and then the costume designers of futuristic movies try to guess what it will be, the future of fashion? What will win? Artistry and sense of beauty? The desire to feel comfortable in any place and at any time?

I love that I write my blog about beauty, fashion and style at a time when the concept of the word "trendy" is blurred to such an extent that no one will accuse you in a bad taste, and will only be surprised by your unique style. When you don't throw away the old clothing (because your friends will laugh that you wear clothes that went out of fashion two years ago), but look for the opportunity to wear it again and again, "giving the dish a different sauce" (even despite the fact that following the modern consumer community, networking giants create disposable products, which will be not delayed for a long time in our wardrobe). Today your outfit is fit for red carpet, and tomorrow you wear a skirt and sneakers - and no one will suspect you in the absence of the taste! Whatever it was unusual, but it (taste!) is. And everyone can realize own world view, and express own attitude to life through the clothing. But now, unlike during the origin of the saying "Judge not of men and things at first sight", it is easy to form an opinion of man at first sight, because limits and requirements for the appearance are becoming more democratic, or disappearing totally, and, increasingly, people dress in the way they want and they feel themselves, but not how society expects from them.

How do you see the future of the fashion? What will win? Democratic attitude to what the people wear, or the commitment to the trends dictated by the catwalks?

I wish you a great weekend, my lovelies! ♥