Leopard Print Womens Clothing. TREND 2013

Kittens, today I want to write about one of the most long-running fashion trends, which year after year never ceases to conquer the hearts of fashionistas from the catwalks. Leopard print womens clothing - it's a great way to attract attention, but in the meantime this adorable trend poses a danger to debase the whole look, choosing wrong accessories and other items of attire or making a mistake with the choice of the design.

Leopard clothing for women Just Cavalli - SS 2013 Campaign

Models in "cheetah" looks continue to pace the runways, fueling public interest in exotic animal prints. The latest collections Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford FW 2013/2014 seemed to me particularly "kittish".

 Leopard print clothes for women. Burberry Prorsum - FW 2013/1014

Leopard print clothes for women. Tom Ford FW 2013/1014

Leopard Print Womens Clothing. 5 rules to buy leopard print

Buy leopard print dress - this is only part of the problem, the main thing to keep in mind how you will be wearing a purchase, how this article of clothing will fit into your style, and how this very item will emphasize the advantages of your body shape, while not focusing attention on the shortcomings. Let's look at a few basic rules of how to combine a leopard print dress with other items.

  • 1. Feline print itself is quite bright piece in your wardrobe, so let's get it the solo-role. Trying on leopard print clothes for women, forget about the other prints and drawings on the fabric. All other details of the wardrobe should be made in plain colors.
  • 2. This rule can be considered as a logical continuation of the previous one - giving a major role to animal prints, beautiful, bright and fancy accessories, as well as volume and fishnet clothing items should be left at home. Leopard clothing will look perfect with skirts and trousers in strict and classic styles, as well as with simple accessories. You can choose handbags and shoes in fairly modest design, without any decorations and embellishments.
  • 3. The worst choice - it's a leopard print dress, using which you want to hide the flaws of your body shape. This bright coloring on the contrary only draws attention to your shortcomings! If you are in doubt about your body, it is better not to risk it and buy accessories with leopard print. So it would be more practical: you will be in trend and your reputation of stylish girl will not get it in the neck.
  • 4. Pay attention to the fabric choice! With a wrong cuts and fabrics, bright leopard print can be the last straw that will blow your whole style to the nines. If you have a lush body shape - forget-stretch fabrics and prints on velor and velvet. In this you will look like a cat that is overfed with sausages. =) Lush ladies, I would not advise trying on clothes with leopard print, and I recommended to focus on accessories. Printy beautiful scarf or leopard print clutch will perfectly complement your look without making massive and vulgarizing it.
  • 5. In recent seasons trendy leopard print clothes for women in vivid colors: neon shades of pink, blue and green has become more popular. It's a bold choice, and such experiments are suitable for young girls. So before you buy leopard print dress in bright colors, it is worth considering: if would you look gaudy and vulgar in a dress? Once again I recommend in this case to choose accessories with leopard print. In this case, they will not let you make a fashion stir.

Leopard print clothes and accessories

Traditionally I've made ​​a small set of the most trendy leopard print clothes and accessories. This is what exactly should try this summer! ;)

Leopard print clothes and accessories 2013

1. Bikini by Kenzo

2. Top by ROMWE

3. Sunglasses by ASOS

4. Shoes by Topshop

5. Dress by H&M

6. Backpack by YesStyle

Do you have clothes or accessories with leopard print in wardrobe? How often do you wear them?

I wish you a wonderful day, my dear kittens! I love you! ♥ Meow!