Looks of celebrities. Nina Dobrev

Actress Nina Dobrev has a success because of the TV series "Vampire Diaries". In last years she is the subject of adoration and the model of imitation for many girls. Youtube is full of makeup tutorials for a recreating the make-up of the actress or her characters. I note that Nina has a great taste in clothes and always looks stylish. The actress, like all the celebrities who are always forced look fashionable because of the job, shootings for magazines, press conferences, in usual life prefers to let herself, her body, skin and hair have a break from make-up, hairstyles, high heels and beautiful , but not always comfortable clothing. So, Nina prefers a street style: casual, sport-chic, street-chic. But, nevertheless, even in a simple and practical clothes she always looks great.

Actress Nina Dobrev

The actress has a very beautiful long hair, which she also prefers not to torture with styling, and her favorite hairstyle is free long hair. For make hair glossy and shiny, use a moisturizing sprays for hair, balms, light conditioners, use oil treatment for your hair. In the summer protect your hair with the sunscreens, and in the cold time wear a hat. Nina is very closely monitoring this. Making hot styling use heat-protectors. Another type of hairstyle, that Nina prefers for party-looks is a simple romantic styling: curl your hair, collect them in a bun on the back of the head or the top, fix it with pins, and curl the tips around of the bun and fix them with a hair spray. For decoration you can use pins or hair bands.

Hairstyles of Nina Dobrev

Today I have created for you three looks in the Nina Dobrev's style. Glamorous style, sport and party looks. Choose the similar clothes and acessories and you'll always look stylish, like the star as in the gym as well at the party;)

Sport look of Nina Dobrev

Party look of Nina Dobrev

Take care of your beauty! Love you&kiss; you! Meaow=*