OOTD: Hi, blooming spring!

Kittens, today I have a day of packages - finally I've got my colorful leggings, and also I've received a package with samples of natural cosmetics from one U.S's brand, I will make a couple of pics and a post in the evening, so I'll tell a little about this brand and what products they'd sent to me. Package with leggings had came to my house, but for the package with cosmetics I had to walk to the post office, so I decided to combine business with pleasure - as to get the package, as well to "boast" with new clothes ;) It is no secret that I have a collaboration with the quite famous among the amateurs of the street fashion online store Romwe: I tell my readers about their actions, and in return I get a chance to choose clothing in Romwe's store. For me, the unemployed one, this is a great way to get new clothes =) And my husband stopped to mutter that I was "wasting my time for the blog" ;D

style eva tornado

OOTD: Hi, blooming spring!

Dress by Romwe

Leggins by Romwe

Bag by Pimkie

Snickers by Nike

Sunglasses by Sun Planet

I wish you a wonderful day, kittens! Love you! ♥ Meow!