Portuguese fashion. Fatima Lopes

Hi, my pretty kittens! ^ ^ Today I decided to begin to acquaint you with the portuguese fashion. Portugal itself is a small country, so they have not so much fashion designers out there, so what we can say about the international stars? I found only the one fashion designer who well-deserved takes a part in the Paris fashion week and looks back on a great experience. The name of this beautiful woman is Fatima Lopes. Generally, in Portuguese it sounds like LopeSH, but for simplicity, the brand name of her sounds exactly Fatima LopeS. Today I will tell you a little about this beautiful woman and talented designer, and will review her latest collection of the fashion show Autumn / Winter 2012/2013.

So, a little bit about Fatima. She began her career in 1992 in Lisbon, where she moved from her native island Madeira, with the opening of multi-brand clothing store. In 1992, the talented girl has created her own brand under her own name, and opened her first Fatima Lopes Boutique. And her clothes quickly found their fans. In '95 she made her debut in the Portuguese fashion week, well, a year later opened her second boutique in Paris. 1998 year proved to be very fruitful for the young designer - she opened her night club, studio, atelier and model agency. In 1999 Fatima took part in the Paris fashion week, and she was the first portuguese designer who has honored with it. In 2001 Senhora Lopes opened her jewelry line and a line of home textiles. And probably the most interesting fact. Since 2004 Fatima Lopes became the chief designer of the national football team of Portugal. Maybe that's why we like the guys so much :D In 2006 the designer was honored as Commander of the Order of Infante D. Henrique.

This collection was inspired by the anatomy of the woman's body. As exterior and interior as well. It can seems weird but it looks amazing! Designer used all the shades of red, pastel and classical black. The prints in red and pastel shades looked like a mix of flowers and splashes of the blood. The outfits had a closed design and they underlined the shapes of the body by the lines of patterns and by the combination of contrasting colors. All together looked harmoniously. And I noted that this way to underline the shapes of body in closed dresses is a trend of the next season, cuz I've already saw this way in collections of other designers, for example Dior's.

Two little details, that I liked. First one is hats-tablets. They finished each outfit and they looked like a little plates with traditional portuguese traceries. And the second one moment that I liked is the music, because I am the fan of bowed instruments. The viola was sounding on the show. Beautiful girl-musician was dressed in red and her instrument as well, and they supported total harmony.

I offer you a video-version of this show. Watch it and write me if you like.

Official web-site of Fatima Lopes: fatima-lopes.com

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss! Meaow=*