Portuguese Men's Fashion Brand: Pedro Victor

Recently, I found myself paying more attention to men's fashion. You know why? Because I understood that women's fashion can't give me all I need.

It is funny, but I can't stop myself from visiting Zara Men, or from buying men's tees. Just because women's collections are often too complicated for my minimalist spirit.

A few days ago I met an interesting Portuguese designer, whose creations I liked. So, I just want to share with you pics of his line pieces, and several sentences of his interview for the other blog.

The black and white sweater made me fall in love with the whole collection. I like the geometry of patterns, strict silhouette lines and bold cutouts. Those sweaters 100% rock!

Pedro Victor has already been working on the next collection. "I already have everything designed", the designer said. Pedro Victor also notes that the inspiration for this new collection is the last movie "The Age of Extinction" of the "Transformers" saga.

"Playful vivid colors will stay in my design, also, I will present other pieces that are not done yet so far," he says. "The creative part of the project always goes well, but here comes the hard part: to make everything working. And it's all about investment," Pedro explains.

Pedro Victor stays optimistic, however, does not fail to state that "...my goal is still far from being achieved, but I go against the stream in a country in which people prefer closing doors instead of opening them."

I hope to see the next collection soon!

The interview source: MMstyle | By Marcos Melo

Pedro Victor Official Facebook Page