Pretty Pastel Shoes ♥

I am pretty minimalistic when it comes to my personal style. To say that I love black color is to say nothing. I am a huge Black&White fan. I mean, there is no place for color in my wardrobe.

Except the ones. Pastel shades.

In this case, my minimalistic nature gives up. Who in the universe would not be in love with pastels? I mean, they are so CUUUTE :3 Yes, they are!

Pretty Pastel Shoes ♥

Talking of pastels I can't help, but collect in my Pinterest boards hundreds pretty and special pastel shoes. I want to share with you this beauty. I feel obliged to show them to everyone who loves pastels as I do.

Pastel shoes aren't just gorgeous themselves. They help, they really-really help you create stunning looks and make even so boring (like mine, lol) wardrobe more soft and feminine. More springish, cheerful. Take a look at these pretty outfits!

This one pair of slip-ons, which I found on Choies, is absolutely cool! Tell me, do you like these beauties, too?