Rock style clothing. 10 pieces you should try this season

Recent seasons for me, as for fan of heavy music styles, are just holidays! Rock chic is one of the most popular trends ;) Today I want to share with you my love for rock style clothing, and, of course, my collection of wonderful pieces that should be included in your wardrobe to add some drive and youthful enthusiasm to your daily outfits. ♥

Rock style clothing. 10 pieces you should try this season

I will begin as always with looks of designers' collections from catwalks. I'd not be lying if I would say that rock chic elements were presented in almost every fifth collection of recent fashion shows. By the way, the trend of leather in all its variations can be added too. As well as spikes and studs that adorn the clothing of almost any style ... Spring collections have greater ease of materials, and more colorful and bright palette of colors. Looks of the fall collections, the same ones with a lethal dose of grunge (a la Saint Lourent, Versace, Chanel, John Galliano) look much more bleak and brutal. Some silhouettes, by the way, moved from autumn brands' lookbooks in the spring collections, almost not being transformed. But, okay, I will not torment you with my tediousness, let's take a look with your own eyes. :D

Well, actually, on the spot, let's look at those 10 pieces of clothing of rock style clothing, which I would advise to buy for your wardrobe. Personally, I would have bought them all! :D But those who do not adhere to such a radical rocker views like me, may to not go beyond and purchase just some interesting details with a grunge or rocker touch. My "secret love" of this collection the boots of Saint Laurent with straps and spikes.I know I still can't afford such purchases, so I quietly admire the pictures and looks with these beauties. Separately, I note also the brand Killer Star - I opened it for myself during the preparation of this post. I think this store of a brand is just a mecca for rockers and metalheads! Romwe has a few lines in rock chic style rock chic, if to search you can find great street rocker style pieces out there (cheap and cheerful, I was quite satisfied with the quality of their clothing, if not buy the cheapest items, of course). Also the hat of Truffle Shuffle.This is that same hat, in which (or there were two, I have no idea :D) Delevingne and Rita Ora have been appearing on public. Let's take a look at these 10 lovely pieces!


Do you like rock style clothing?