Russian fashion's prodigy. Designer Alexandra Kazakova

Hello, my lovely kittens! So, a new week of my publications, I would like to open with an article about the wonderful Russian fashion designer, which I simply could not pass. You bet! In 22 years she conquers the European fashion weeks and becomes the favorite designer of stars of show business in East Europe in Russia .... Few can boast such a success at such a young age! So, today my little biographical article about a Russian designer Alexandra Kazakova.

Russian fashion's prodigy. Designer Alexandra Kazakova

Russian fashion's prodigy. Designer Alexandra Kazakova

First, a little biography:

From early childhood she was different from her peers by the character and perseverance in achieving her goals. She began drawing much earlier than talking. She painted everywhere, always, using everything that was just possible, and with a great pleasure ... In the process of studying (in school) she had clearly defined the number of subjects that she doesn't have warm relations with - the group of technical subjects. Therefore, in order not to waste for them the precious and much-needed for drawing time, Alexandra decided to continue studying in external studies ... At 14 Alexandra had graduated from a high school and decided to go to the institute ... The exams were handed brilliantly and Alexandra had became the 14-year-old student at the Moscow State University named by A.N. Kosygin.

Collection of Alexandra Kazakova Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Graduation from university was the beginning of a wonderful rising of the Russian fashion-industry's star. Alexandra had began to implement all her plans, and the first show of her triumphant debut collection was held in Cyprus in the November 2010. Furthermore, this collection won the hearts on the catwalks of Volvo Fashion Week (Fall/Winter 2011-2012). Next season's collection was created by Alexandra in London (and it was also a favorite collection on the next year's Volvo Fashion Week). The crucial fashion show for a designer was runway in the club Posh Friends, which one had been on everyone's lips for a long time. In 2012 the star fashion show of collection F/W 2012-2013 was held on the same VFW. Also in May 2012, Alexandra in a tandem with Tatiana Kotova had released a limited collection of printed shirts and T-shirts with the handmade elements. Now the creative activity of a talented designer is in Russia, England and Cyprus.

Russian stars wear clothing of Alexandra Kazakova

Many stars of the Russian show business, such as: Katie Topuria, Tatyana Kotova, Elena Kuletskaya, Lera Kudryavtseva, bands "Fabrika" and "Blestyaschie", and many others, love and wear clothing from Alexandra Kazakova. Now Alexandra Kazakova is not just the name of a talented student, it is already successful brand-name, that the leading glossy magazines know and write about. Each show of Alexandra is an event that gathers more than a thousand spectators and hundreds of fashion journalists.

Russian stars in clothing by Alexandra Kazakova

I always admire the people who know from childhood what they want to do all the life. And I especially pleased that a young girl whose talent extends far beyond my country, is my compatriot. Learning about the talented designers of Russia, I can't stop wondering how many really talented people represent our country abroad! And Alexandra Kazakova is no exception. I am very pleased that her destiny and work is closely intertwined not only with Russia, but also with my fave England, and I cherish the dream one day to get to visit the famous Russian designer's show in London! Inspired by watching the collection of Alexandra, I decided to create a look, the main "hero" of which is a dress by Alexandra Kazakova.

Look with a dress by Alexandra Kazakova

Thin lines of dresses that emphasize a feminine silhouette, soft draping, that is focusing the attention on the most charming bendings of the body, bright and flashy pants outfits, announcing to us about women's freedom to be herself and to pursue her own ideals - the young girl teaches us all this, the girl, who has been able to taste the price of freedom of choice. Dresses by Alexandra Kazakova are dresses for a free, self-confident woman who knows the true value of her beauty. I suggest you to evaluate a collection Fall/Winter 2011-12, the video from the show of which I posted below.

You can read more about the designer Alexandra Kazakova on the official brand's website.

Official website:

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