Russian style in fashion

Last years fashion designers are inspired with an ethnics, and increasingly in the collections of famous fashion designers you can see national motives. Russian folk-wear has long been attracting the attention of the world's fashion houses with own brightness, originality and unforgettable style. And increasingly the motives of the Russian- folk's art can be seen on the catwalks. If you like style of the Slavic people, you can bring a bit of "Russian spirit" in your daily outfits. You can limit yourself with the details in the Slavic style, or wear the fave clothes from top to toe.

I have created for you the three options how to create a look in Russian style. Chic, "mistress'" outfit, the simple one with the details of the Russian decor, and more hard rocker style with a taste of Russia. Russian style of your outfit will attract attention to you, it's guaranteed! The choice is yours;)

And for the inspiration ;)

Don't be afraid to experiment and stay beautiful! Love and kisses! Meaow=*