Street Style looks March 2013

Already the spring has come around the world (although, probably, actually only in the Northern Hemisphere) . However, in practice, the spring in different latitudes manifests itself in different ways - somewhere it's warm like in the summer, and somewhere is still snow and frost. But this does not prevent fashionistas to be inspired by the spring mood, and to create beautiful spring looks.

Street Style looks March 2013

I love the fashion trends that had easily moved from catwalks on the streets and in blogs - pastel colors, floral prints, shades of vine, sometimes rock and gothic. There is where imagination can run wild ;) I like to watch fashion blogs, at this time they are just blossoming with new bright and colorful looks!

Street style. Looks that I like ♥

And which of the spring trends do you like to use in your daily looks? Which style do you prefer?=)

I wish you spend this day well, kittens! I love you! Meow ♥